Life is an ongoing process of transformation. Just as nothing is static in nature or in the laws of physics, the flow of human existence is also in the constant movement. In this human condition of impermanence we find ourselves grasping for the way of being that allows this transformation to be a meaningful source of our development. However, what if we simply feel stuck? Everything seems to race past us with the ever increasing pace, and we feel that we are left behind, unable to reach to our boat to get back into the stream? The further away we are from the collective flow, the less we have a grip on who we are, and where exactly do we want to steer our vehicle of existence. The less clarity we have on who we are, the more destabilised and static we feel in ever changing flow.

At this moment, to find a space to reflect on who we truly are and what are our genuine needs and desires, is becoming increasingly difficult. Sometimes we need a refuge where we can self-sooth, ground, and look at ourselves and our life without the critical judgement, or ever growing demands and expectations, dictated by the modern society. The challenges occur at every stage of human development, and it is by facing these obstacles, the learning becomes a part our experience that helps us to evolve. Therefore the problems and issues in our daily existence possess the potentiality of a truly powerful transformation, through which we can reach happiness living in authentic and meaningful existence.

Therefore I want to welcome you in your courageous quest in discovering your truly powerful and creative nature. As there is no quest that is more honourable and essential in the human condition that we are all find ourselves in.