About Emma

My qualifications are:

  • Foundation in Psychology
  • BSc Psychology
  • Foundation in Counselling Skills
  • Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  • Professional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology

Even though my degree is specialising in Existential-Phenomenological approach, I did my clinical training in various clinical placements specialising in different therapeutic modalities. Overall I worked at: (4 years)

Counselling Initiatives (CI) providing integrative psychotherapy to adult clients experiencing the trauma, depression and anxiety. (1,5 years)

London Age UK specialising in psychodynamic psychotherapy for older adult clients age 55 to 90 years old, who experienced terminal illness, isolation, and increased fear of death. (1,5 years)

Place2Be where I was trained in psychodynamic play therapy, art therapy and psychodrama, working with children age 6-11 years old who experienced trauma, anxiety and abuse. (1,5 years)

Harrow Women’s Centre providing existential-humanistic therapy for women victims of domestic violence and abuse, who experience isolation, and social struggle.

For the last 9 years I have also been a student to several teachers of Tibetan Buddhism, and have been practicing Buddhist under the guidance of several Tibetan Masters.

I am also fully qualified and practicing Chartered Legal Mediator.

“Cross-Cultural Research on Associations between the Colours and Emotions in Children and Adults”. BSc Psychology Honour. Final Dissertation.

“Phenomenology of Embodiment: Embodiment of Psychological Insight in a Daily Life”. Doctorate Thesis. DCounsPsy. Degree.

The secrete life of apparently normal people: Survivors of ‘Quiet’ Abuse and Hidden Trauma. Approx publishing date 2018. Publisher: Karnac Books